Lycoming County Underage Drinking Court
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What is the court?
The Underage Drinking Court takes a different approach to combat the problem of underage drinking. This proactive approach expects the participants to engage in the court program learning experience as active and not passive spectators. The court program focuses on the development of inner tools necessary to address the thought processes involved in an individual’s personal decision-making process associated to alcohol consumption. The court program assumes the mission to build character, discover strengths, and increase decision making skills through a proactive, peer driven, hands-on approach.

Anyone charged with underage drinking in Lycoming County, regardless of age, is welcome to participate in the program. In addition, the Court is adaptable to meet the needs of students who study at a college or university outside of Lycoming County.

The benefits of participating in the Court:
  • Underage Drinking Citation is dismissed upon completion of the program
  • No fines
  • No loss of license

But that's not all. The rest is up to you.

Graduates of the program reflected on the ways they changed as a result of participating in the court:

  • “During the discussions I learned some valuable lessons about life and how to make sure that I am heading in the right direction."
  • "It's a program that I thought would be a waste at the start, but it did help me make better choices."
  • "I am more open and try to think about how my actions affect others more often."
  • "It helped me gain a respect for my community that I have never had before."
  • "Makes me want to continue to change my life around."
  • "In the future I'll always remember the stories I heard and the consequences people had to face."
  • "It helped me realize that I have a choice and I have to stick up for what I know is right."
  • "It has helped me look at the bigger picture not just the now."
  • "Everyone makes mistakes, it is how we recover them that truly matters."
  • "I thought the program was very successful and honestly, I'm happy I had the opportunity to participate."